職涯指引Career Direct® 認證顧問課程

*這課程衹接受重生得救的基督徒參加 職涯指引® 是一個準確、可衡量、值得信賴的權威性評估工具 經過 20年的研發和及250萬美元的投入,由頂級基督徒數學、心理學專家開發的Career Direct® 是獨有涵蓋價值觀的測評,在競爭對手中脫穎而出。


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裝備自己成爲 “救贖管家”使用職涯指引®來管理,助長和分配上帝的所有資源來榮耀 祂的名。

現任美國冠冕行政總裁Chuck Bentley採用了2018年9月在深圳舉行的第三届顧問訓練中母子復和的真實故事來説明 “救贖管家” 的理念。



上面的照片是Chuck Bentley 上載於他2019-1-11的全球公開信中

Career Direct® Consultant Certification Course

*This course only accepts born-again Christians with a vision to join.

Career Direct® – An accurate, measurable, trustworthy assessment tool

After investing 20 plus years and over $2.5 million in development by Christian top professionals in the collegiate, mathematic, and psychological fields, Career Direct® is the unique assessment tool covering values standing out among its competitors.

Career Direct consultant is both a career and a ministry.

(1) Career

You will be award a certificate by Crown US Headquarter as a Career Direct® Certified Consultant after successfully completed the training and the certification requirements.

You can visit the following website to learn more

(2) Ministry

Through this three-day training, you will:

Rediscover how God designed you and the meaning of your life

Uncover the roots of mistakes people establish in the workplace

Learn how God sees work and your mission

Equip yourself to use Career Direct as a tool to realize redemptive stewardship, i.e. managing, multiplying and distributing all of God’s resources for His glory.

Chuck Bentley, the current CEO of Crown USA, has illustrated what redemptive stewardship is by using the mother son reunion story happened in the 3rd season Consultant Training in Shenzhen in September 2018.



The above photo was posted by Chuck in his world-wide open letter dated 2019-1-11