【富足人生】® 理財研究 – 在綫課程


這課程是一個幫助您製定財務計劃,消除債務,儲蓄和投資的強而有力的工具。富足人生® 結合了聖經的原則和實踐經驗,不僅僅可以改善您的財務狀況,而是大有可能改變你的生活的旅程。

Aims of this course

The MoneyLife Finance Study contains powerful tools to build a plan, eliminate debt, save and invest. Combining solid biblical teaching and hands-on practical experiences, the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study is a journey with the potential to change your life -- not just your finances.



Topics of the 10 Lessons:
Unwavering Hope, The Plan, Ditching Debt, Save It, Investing, Good Work, Generous Living, Pay It Forward, Truly Rich, The Choice


Time and Assignments
This course can be completed in ten weeks. There are ten lesson topic and ten practical application assignments for each week of this course.


  1. 這課程全部內容在網上提供,學員可以選擇在網上看英語原文或看中文翻譯,并在網上完成研讀和做作業.
  2. 課程共分10,每一課都會以一段8分鐘的生動短片做開始,講述一個真實故事,并由美國冠冕總裁Chuck向學員講話,引發學員追求真理的心,再帶領學員進入以聖經爲基礎的討論。
  3. 這課程非常適合青年信徒和正在尋求真理的人士參加。
  4. 這課程有英語版課本可供學員選購。

Special Features of the Course:

  1. The content of the course is primarily written in English and its entirety is provided within the online platform. Translation of Chinese and Spanish is available by a click at the language selection button.
  2. There is a true story in each lesson illustrated by an 8-minute short video to help participants to kick off discussion based on the biblical principles. Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown US, will be commenting and providing solutions for both the symptoms and the root cause of financial problems illustrated in the stories.
  3. This course is very suitable for young seekers pursuing the truth.
  4. Text book with DVD in English is available for participants who prefer to study the course in prints.