Mr. Thomas Lau

Mr. Thomas Lau is a Director of Crown Financial Ministries Hong Kong. He has over 20 years’ experience in auditing, financial management and corporate restructuring. He is the founder of Navigator Accounting, the accounting firm as a social enterprise, hiring ex-inmates to work accounting and auditing, training their skill and rebuilding their values to re-enter the community.
He earned his degree in Business Administration Major in Accounting in the University of Houston, USA. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Global Management Accountant in the States.


劉錦泰 Thomas 是香港冠冕理財事工協會董事,從事審計、財務管理及企業重組超過20年。創辦全港唯一會計服務社企「導航會計」,專門聘請更新人士做審計和會計,其中提供專業培訓和價值觀教育工作,裝備他們重投市場。劉先生畢業於美國休士頓大學主修會計,及後在美國成為執業會計師,是美國會計師協會會員 及全球特許管理會計師。